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Questions about printing ribbons with RibbonWiz

Got a question about the RibbonWiz  starter kit? Then drop us a line at +49 (0)3431 57 68 24 or write an e-mail to


Below, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions about printing ribbons using RibbonWiz . Maybe your question is already there!

Can I also control the ribbon printer with my computer?

To ensure that you can use RibbonWiz  wherever you go, we have developed the RibbonWiz  app exclusively for mobile devices running the Android operating system.

Can I also use coloured foils made by other manufacturers?

Yes, that’s possible, but the quality of the printed motif may not be the same. RibbonWiz  coloured foils are made in Germany. We can guarantee you a high print quality that lasts a long time, however fickle the weather.

Can I add my logo or corporate font to the app?

Please send us high-resolution JPG files of your logos and font in 100% black. For a modest fee, we will integrate these company-specific elements into your RibbonWiz app.

Can you make foils in our corporate colour?

We have plenty of experience in making company-specific coloured foils. If you send us a swatch, we’ll see what we can do for you.

Can we order ribbons in our corporate colour?

Let us know what colour you would like. Send us a swatch and we will offer you some satin ribbons that fit your corporate colour.

How long is the guarantee on my RibbonWiz printer?

Our ribbon printer is extremely durable as it was developed for industrial requirements. You get a 12‑month guarantee on the device.

Got any more questions about the ribbon printer?

Then drop us a line at +49 (0)3431 57 68 24 or send an e-mail to