Satinbandrollen mit individueller Bedruckung

Print on high-quality satin ribbons

To make your customers’ bespoke messages as effective as possible, the RibbonWiz  woven satin ribbons are especially high-quality, with vivid colours and a glossy surface. The print quality of the personalised messages ticks all the boxes.

Lemon yellow, mint green, tomato red: the RibbonWiz  satin ribbons come in all the colours of the rainbow and make your customers’ messages glow. Let the RibbonWiz cast her spell! Put a smile on people’s faces as you print on the satin ribbon before your customers’ very eyes.

What ribbon width would you like?

The RibbonWiz  printer can be used with gift ribbons that are 15 to 100 millimetres in width. We currently offer original RibbonWiz  ribbons in these widths:

  • 15 millimetres – fine ribbons for little gifts
  • 25 millimetres – medium ribbons for bigger gifts

For floral decorations at events and funerals, RibbonWiz  stocks ribbons with a width of 100 millimetres as wreath ribbons, funeral ribbons and table runners.

Your custom-printed satin ribbons aren’t troubled by a little sun or rain. That means they also look good outdoors, for example on wreaths and bouquets for seasonal events or funeral services. They can also be tied in a wide variety of bows and knots.

All RibbonWiz  satin ribbons have passed the strict KURZ TYPOFOL quality control.

Choose your colors, order your ribbons

RibbonWiz has a wide range of colors to make sure the printed satin ribbons are a perfect fit for your customers’ gifts – or their recipients.

  • Our ribbons with a width of 15 millimetres come in 13 colors.
  • Our ribbons with a width of 25 millimetres come in 19 colors.
Mint Green
Apple Green
Moss Green
Royal Blue
Pastel Blue
Pastel Rose
Light Purple
Tomato Red
Antique Gold
Silver Grey

Look in the RibbonWiz  app to see what colors you can currently order for each roll width. There’s no need to connect to the Internet to use the app, but it’s still a good idea to go online every now and then to see if we are offering you an update, and thus perhaps some new ribbon colors.

To order the colorful satin ribbons on which you print your customers’ personalised messages, simply send us an e-mail.

Interested in printable satin ribbons in your corporate color?

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